Susan Weretelnik

Administrative Assistant

Susan is an administrative assistant with extensive computer experience, organizational, and management skills. Sue's previously held positions included, Accounts Payable Coordinator, & Team Leader for the Cash Department. She is presently working for Aaron Schroeder of Farmingbury Financial Services, an investment & insurance service company.

As Administrative Assistant, Sue is responsible for computer entry of client data & maintenance of their online and paper files. She reviews all investment & insurance Compliance procedures and makes certain they are current. Annually, she also oversees the distribution of the Letter of Offering, Disclosure Brochure, and Privacy Policy. These sensitive documents have to be precise and she revises as issues are uncovered after vigorous research. Sue also sends all electronic data to the clients that includes, but is not limited to, holiday, birthday, and anniversary e-cards. Also, she selects monthly financial newsletters of current, timely topics to email blast to the clients.

In Aaron's absence, Sue is implemental in coordinating client communications to him and making certain that any forms that are needed for them is accurately submitted to the investment management company.  Most client forms are electronically submitted but some postal mail is also necessary. It is one of the major qualifications of this job that she be, & definitely is, able to multi-task at a moment's notice. Finally, Sue has excellent interpersonal skills, and capably answers the phone, directs visitors, manages the office, cleans, organizes, and performs general office duties.

Sue graduated cum laude from the former Mattatuck Community College, now Naugatuck Valley Community College, in Waterbury, CT. Sue has 2 associate degrees: Accounting (1989) & Management (1990).

Sue currently resides in Waterbury, Ct. She has 2 hard-working, smart, & beautiful daughters and 4 handsome grandsons, all of whom, she is very proud.  In her spare time, she enjoys time with her family, and friends, traveling, and doing crafts.

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